2013 predictions from Tango Card

Happy New Year!

2013 predictions from Tango Card

As we head into 2013, many people will be making resolutions and anticipating what the new year will bring to the gift card industry, loyalty programs, engagement marketing, gamification, and more. We are devoting this blog post to 2013 predictions from Tango Card. Some are related to the Tango Card company, others to the industries we specialize in, and still others are just plain goofy. We invite you to share your predictions by making a comment here on this blog post.

So let’s gaze into our Tango Card crystal ball and list our team’s predictions for 2013:

In the industry…

  • To increase employee and customer engagement and improve efficiency, billions of dollars will shift from outdated, slow, and expensive incentive programs to integrated, digital and instant rewards in the cloud.
  • Gift cards will be the most requested gift for the 6th straight year.
  • Digital gift cards will be the fastest growing segment, and every major brick and mortar retailer will adopt a digital gift card.
  • The experience of giving and receiving a gift card will be greatly enhanced by social and mobile applications.
  • Consumers will no longer be forced to trade “choice” and “no-fee” with the rise of universal gift cards.
  • Huge changes will hit the enterprise as cloud-based applications used by major companies will include the ability to gift and reward.
  • Pintrest will continue to grow, but not at the rate they have been. They’ll also release an API.
  • Apple will not release any genuinely new products… and if they do, it’ll be something for the TV (or, a TV proper).
  • WordPress market share will continue to rise, from approximately 15% of the “top 1 million” sites to somewhere around 20%.
  • Netflix will start to get overtaken by Amazon and Redbox.
  • Amazon will release a phone.
  • People will get real tired of the word “gamification.”

Tango CardTango Card…

  • Our Tango Card mobile apps and the product improvements we have planned will be featured in at least one major magazine and at least four other global distribution channels.  Our mobile product manager and the mobile engineering team will win an award recognizing our “innovation in useful mobile technology” and will be invited to speak at industry conferences.
  • Tango Card will launch a wave of international redemption options. As a result, our CTO Randy will get to revisit many of his friends in Australia, bring back some great wine for the Tango Card team, an Akubra hat for Jim (our awesome director of program management), and unique rum for Ty (our amazing director of ops and customer service).
  • At some point before the end of 2013, Tango Card’s CEO David Leeds finally will return the keg from our open house party that was held in early October 2012.
  • West Seattle (where Tango Card is headquartered) will annex itself from Seattle, secede from the Union, and become its own country.
  • Tango Card will grow at least 500% in 2013.
  • The thermostat in the Tango Card office will be fixed to provide a steady comfortable, 68 to 72-degree temperature throughout the day.
  • Tango Card employees who work out of HQ in West Seattle will increase in weight an average of 10% per person due to the continuous availability of amazing home-baked goods.

We look forward to hearing your predictions. May 2013 be another terrific year for gift cards, loyalty, engagement marketing, gamification, and more!

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  1. Tracy @ WSB January 2, 2013 at 9:54 am #

    I hope 2013 brings more companies choosing to be headquartered in West Seattle, of all sizes. It’s the real solution to traffic on the bridge – and it’s the most beautiful place to be. Happy New Year to you all and best of luck for a year of growth!

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