3 Reasons You Don’t Currently Offer Incentives


PROBLEM: You don’t see the value in including rewards/incentives in your program.

SOLUTION: Rewards and incentives can be your biggest result driver in multiple use cases. E-gift cards let you reward your employees, customers, customer’s customers, etc. for completing tasks or behaving in a certain way. Using digital rewards as an incentive is a great motivator and allows you to reward your audience and obtain the results you need. Utilize the power of brands (, Starbucks, Nike) as an incentive for consumers to take actions that drive real value for your company.


PROBLEM: You don’t have the operational time needed to fulfill and manage handing out rewards.

SOLUTION: Most companies have little time left in the work day to deal with mundane things like managing a gift card inventory. Luckily, e-gift cards make these burdens much easier to administer since all management and fulfillment can be done digitally. Sending rewards has never been easier thanks to advanced technology supported with leading customer service. With no inventory needed, a digital trail, and free delivery, e-gift cards are an operational delight.


PROBLEM: It sounds like an expensive road you don’t want to go down.

SOLUTION: In general, adding rewards or incentives into your program may seem too expensive on the surface. E-gift cards reduce a need for inventory and saves people time from having to physically fulfill inventory. Operationally speaking, e-gift cards are the way to go. As far as ROI for implementing rewards/incentives into your program, gift cards have been proven time and time again to be the most desirable reward. By using digital rewards and the power of brands, you are incentivizing consumers to take valuable actions that will help drive the results your company is looking for.


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Written by Kasia McCormick
Kasia and Zeus squareKasia may be a fresh face on the Tango Card marketing team but her background in hospitality and PR make her the total package when it comes to telling Tango Card customers’ stories and organizing our customer advocate program. She also blends perfectly on the marketing team, where the two main themes are German Shepherds and tequila.

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