Advocamp Recap: as Told by Tweets

If you are in marketing and didn’t go to Advocamp, that was silly. You missed out on an energetic summit that conglomerated today’s most modern marketing trends at the same time as it took you back to summer camp. There was some great traffic on Twitter surrounding the event, so I figured I’d let the people take care of the recap for me, ch-ch-ch-check it out:

First, what is Advocamp!? I’ll let the company behind the magic explain:

Also, it’s a place where you can see a well-respected CEO dressed as a camp counselor:

So, “Customer Obsessed”, huh? I know “the customer is always right” but why get obsessed? Joseph Jaffe explained, @RayLau illustrated:

That’s right, you’re working hard to create happy customers, spend your resources on turning them into raving fans! And that was just one of 50 AMP talks:

There were some wonderful insights:

A real thinker:

Some bear attacks:

And a good-old-fashioned tug-of-war:

And to top it off, an awesome awards ceremony and party (yes with s’mores, but we’re adults, so also tequila!):

I can’t say enough about how good a time I had and what a firm believer I am in Customer Success and Advocate Marketing. What’s left for me to do as a marketer? TAKE MORE OWNERSHIP!!!


Also, in case this wasn’t enough, someone else’s takeaways:


Written by Scotty Greenburg

Scotty has been at Tango Card for 4 years in Marketing. Along with the rest of the Tango Card business team, he has helped to create a culture of incentive domain expertise to best support Tango Card’s enterprise reward and incentive customers. He also likes to eat Paleo (he says all the time).


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