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FinovateFall 2016 Recap

Last week, we presented at FinovateFall 2016 in New York City. If you like a place where finance meets innovation, then this is the place for you. Digital interfaces for personal finance, banking, and payments are all the future of our modern economy. We’re forecasting that e-gift cards will play a major role in attracting new technology […]

The Rewards Cycle: Engage, Earn, Redeem, Repeat

    At Tango Card, we take care of your reward recipients so that they keep coming back. We do this by using the Rewards Cycle. Here’s how it works: a customer engages with your program, earns a reward, redeems that reward, and then repeats the cycle. While the reward recipient is moving through the Rewards […]

Digital Rewards = Operational Delight!

There is one definitive way to make your reward program more efficient.  Simply, add e-gift cards and digital delivery as options.  We have discussed here previously how e-gift cards are more engaging –  with features like instant delivery, branded delivery, choice, recognizable and desirable global brands like, Nike, iTunes, Target, Nordstrom. Engage right with […]

The Power of Brand Recognition and Choice in Reward Programs

Last week, we announced new reward options in the US, UK and Brazil, including a brand new donation option! You can read the update here. We are continuously adding to our catalog to give our customers more options in more places. Here’s why: Rewards are not one size fits all. This isn’t new news, but […]