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QuestionPro Adds Value with Automatic Incentives

For QuestionPro, supporting a smooth self-serve customer experience is how they cater to 2 million customers of their online survey software. While the core of QuestionPro’s business is creating surveys, collecting responses, and analyzing results, their CEO, Erik Koto, realized that they could add value and save time for their customers by integrating an automatic […]

Considering E-Gift Cards for Your Business? Work with a Pro.

Gift Card. What immediately came to mind when you read those two words? If you are like most, you thought about a birthday, Mother’s Day, a holiday in December, or maybe a gift for your child’s teacher. Gift cards are amazing, near universal gifts that almost all of us have given, received, or both.  They can […]

Question of the week: How do I use my Tango Card?

If you received a Tango Card for Christmas yesterday, you might be wondering what to do with it. First, let’s make sure you understand exactly what a Tango Card is. It’s the perfect gift card. You can choose to redeem it for great retailers’ gift cards, donate to charity, or put it on your mobile. […]