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Who’s Who at Tango Card: Sonia Highet

How long have you been at Tango Card? It’ll be two years July 2nd. What is your position? Customer Success Manager What does it mean to you? It means being knowledgeable, flexible, approachable, resourceful, and able to listen to ensure those I work with – both client-facing and internally-facing – get the best from Tango […]

What Your Employees Want in an Employee Incentive Program

What do your employees want in an employee incentive program? A study conducted by The International Society for Performance Improvement provided some startling findings.  Of the respondents, 99% of employees surveyed highly value incentive programs.  However, 98% also have complaints about how their incentive program was implemented. Why? Often times we, at Tango Card, find […]

7 Ways To Improve Employee Performance

Lately, in the HR industry, there has been a compelling conversation focused on how to properly motivate, retain and recognize today’s employees. While motivation and engagement are often discussed in the workplace – a report from Gallup really kickstarted a new kind of discussion. In Gallup’s “State of the American Workforce” they found a staggering […]