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Tango Card named Most Promising Start-Up by the Cloud Awards

2012 brought the cloud into the mainstream spotlight. Subsequently it’s been a very exciting year for Tango Card as we’ve worked hard to move gifts and rewards into the cloud and make it as easy as possible for businesses. 2013 is shaping up to be just as exciting. Tango Card is thrilled to be named […]

B2B gift cards – a multi-billion dollar business

The Incentive Research Foundation just released some very interesting data about B2B gift cards:  52% of US businesses use gift cards to the tune of $22.7 billion annually. More than half of B2B gift card spend comes from smaller businesses with annual revenue of $1-10 million. Employee gift card programs are the most popular use type […]

Mobile gift card wallets: never forget or lose a gift card again

Did you get a bunch of gift cards for the holidays? Do you have a mobile gift card wallet? If yes, GREAT. If not, pull up a chair and let me tell you something astounding: In 2009, $5 billion worth of gift cards went unused. Yes, that’s billion with a “B.” Do not fall into this trap! […]

Definition of insanity …. and a real solution for gift cards

Holiday gift card cheer. The holiday season brings tons of cheer and all kinds of fun and really cool gift giving. Gift cards, of course, are a huge part of that. They are the #1 requested gift by everyone and we spend almost $30 billion dollars (yes, amazing) on gift cards during the season. Gift […]

Tango Card Shortlisted for “Most Promising Startup” 2012-13 Cloud Awards Program

We’re very excited to announce that Tango Card has been shortlisted in the 2012-2013 Cloud Awards Program in the Most Promising Start-up category. The Cloud Awards identify and celebrate excellence in the field of cloud computing, with categories including Best Cloud Infrastructure, Data Innovation of the Year, Developer of the Year, Most Promising Start-Up, Web […]