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Considering E-Gift Cards for Your Business? Work with a Pro.

Gift Card. What immediately came to mind when you read those two words? If you are like most, you thought about a birthday, Mother’s Day, a holiday in December, or maybe a gift for your child’s teacher. Gift cards are amazing, near universal gifts that almost all of us have given, received, or both.  They can […]

e-gift cards for everyone

E-Gift Cards: Not Just for Millennials

  There has been quite a stir this week as the Washington Post proclaimed Millennials Prefer E-Gift Cards. Why? Three reasons: 1) More 18-29 year olds have used electronic gift cards than people in older age groups 2) If lost, e-gift cards can be retrieved from either an email inbox or a mobile wallet 3) They […]

Macy's E-Gift Card

Q4 Brand Update – Featuring Macy’s E-Gift Card

We are constantly adding exciting new brands to our reward catalog. This is one of many ways that we focus on providing Rewards as a Service that can drive results for our partners. Contact us to inquire about adding new rewards to your program. Macy’s E-Gift Card The Macy’s E-Gift Card is the gift that everyone loves […]

How Effective are Gift Cards?

Choosing the right rewards in your incentive program can raise many questions. Which ones fits my program or target audience? There are numerous options such as discounts, coupons, cash, checks, merchandise, and gift cards. Businesses choose rewards and incentives that fit the needs of their program. For example, in marketing programs, small-denomination rewards that motivate […]

Tellwut adds Tango Card to reward program

Tango Card is focused on the enterprise space and so we’re always thrilled when a partner leverages our capabilities and Rewards as a Service™ to help them reach their core business goals. We’re pleased to announce that Tellwut, a rewards-based community of online survey takers, is incorporating Tango Card in its reward program. You can […]

Employee rewards in the new age

Employees are the backbone of any business, whether it’s a quick serve restaurant or a high tech software development shop. And in order to get the most out of a company, employees must be performing well … therefore employee rewards must be treated as fundamental. Employee rewards must be treated as fundamental. Towers Watson, a […]