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40,000% Growth and Our CEO Finally Gets Us a New Office

By David Leeds – Founder and CEO, Tango Card We just finished an office remodel and expansion and it is expensive, the best ever, disruptively good, award-winning, appropriate.   Every young company remembers its humble beginnings. There is usually a story of working in coffee shops, squatting in someone’s conference room, or maybe working in […]

Who’s Who at Tango Card: Sonia Highet

How long have you been at Tango Card? It’ll be two years July 2nd. What is your position? Customer Success Manager What does it mean to you? It means being knowledgeable, flexible, approachable, resourceful, and able to listen to ensure those I work with – both client-facing and internally-facing – get the best from Tango […]

Employee rewards in the new age

Employees are the backbone of any business, whether it’s a quick serve restaurant or a high tech software development shop. And in order to get the most out of a company, employees must be performing well … therefore employee rewards must be treated as fundamental. Employee rewards must be treated as fundamental. Towers Watson, a […]