Create the Perfect Greeting Card with Treat & Tango Card

In the Digital Age there is no shortage of concern over the personal touch lost in communications.

The use of handwritten letters used to be the only way to build a relationship remotely. Today the options for communicating are numerous. But not so when a thoughtful, important message needs to be delivered.

The handwritten letter is still a special form of communication that creates a lasting impact.

Technology isn’t replacing the handwritten card. But technology can make the process faster and simpler. Treat and Tango Card teamed up to make it easier to send beautifully customized cards and gifts from your computer or mobile device.

Using technology to spread joy, what’s not to love?

A personal touch and a memorable reward

The partnership between Treat and Tango Card means consumers and enterprise users can make a lasting impression. Treat turns photos and ideas into the perfect greeting card for any occasion. Whether sending a thank you or celebrating a special occasion, a card that carries important memories is the perfect way to create meaningful experiences with modern technology. Treat’s suite of mobile apps makes it simple to send digital and physical greeting cards.

Treat creates digital and print greeting card

Users upload their photos, use beautifully intuitive design tools to create striking works, and place the order. Packed with customizable templates, Treat is the answer to the problem of never being able to find the perfect card at the local store.

Treat’s features include automatic reminders, auto-sending functions and its mobile ready platform provide “thoughtfulness at your fingertips.”

Our partnership with Treat addresses a difficult task in communications – creating joy and excitement. When Treat users send a greeting card by mail, they can also include a gift card with a mouse click. It saves the hassle of finding and stuffing a gift card into an envelope and mailing them together. Plus recipients get a gift they love.

Tango Card powers 8 gift card options including, Groupon, Spafinder, 1-800 Flowers, Target, and our choice card the Tango Card. With Treat’s beautifully designed greeting card and user experience, and Tango Card’s gift cards on demand, we’re making it easy to be the “expert gifter.”

Happy gifting!


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