Definition of insanity …. and a real solution for gift cards

Holiday gift card cheer. The holiday season brings tons of cheer and all kinds of fun and really cool gift giving. Gift cards, of course, are a huge part of that. They are the #1 requested gift by everyone and we spend almost $30 billion dollars (yes, amazing) on gift cards during the season.

Gift card insanity

Americans spend $30B on gift cards annually

In the industry – and in the press – the same cycle plays out year after year (this is the 4th year I have observed it.) In November, the press talks about how amazing gift cards are: people love them, they offer choice, they are easy and fun to give, they make great stocking stuffers, they exist for popular stores, favorite restaurants, great new companies offer them, and so on. Then, starting now, the news cycle turns and the press turns and the message about gift cards changes almost literally overnight. What in November was the greatest gift of all is now “reflected upon” as the worst gift ever. Receivers of gift cards face fees, expiration dates, they received a gift card to a store they don’t like, they forget to bring their gift card with them to their favorite restaurant, they don’t know the balance on their gift cards. What once filled Santa’s beautiful red and gold bag of gifts now sits in a cold dark drawer or is dropped in the cinemuck.

Stop the gift card insanity -- buy a Tango CardI have watched this cycle play out year after year after year. This cycle benefits everyone …. except the consumer.

Einstein long ago advised that insanity = doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

The real news story is that we at Tango Card saw this story play out, said stop the insanity, and just solved the problem. This is great for the consumer, but not the press cycle. For anyone that received a Tango Card this year, say a double thank you to the person that gave it to you. Here’s why the Tango Card gift card giver is a hero

  1. You can use your Tango Card and select the exact gift card you want – choose from Nike, REI, Home Depot, Starbucks, iTunes, Amazon, and more.Tango Card is the perfect gift card. Choose from great retailers, donate to charity, or put it on your mobile. And never worry about fees or expiration dates.
  2. You can use some now, some later. So, use $10 of your $25 to buy that next coffee and then use $10 for your next iTunes purchase, and then in a month or so donate $5 to Habitat for Humanity. How cool.
  3. Put your Tango Card (and all of your gift cards) in our free mobile apps. You will always have your gift cards with you.
  4. Use our web site or our mobile app and you will always know your exact balance. And if you want, we’ll send you an email once in awhile and remind you to use your value.
  5. And just stop worrying. The Tango Card does not expire. There are no fees to check balances. There are no inactivity fees. There are no declining balance fees. There are no fees to use our mobile device. You get the picture.

This is all great for recipients of the Tango Card. So, enjoy the Tango Card. Give the Tango Card. Have fun exploring with Tango Card. This is awesome for the consumer … it just might not be great for the press cycle.

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