Digital Rewards and gifts – real, instant, easy

At Tango Card we strive to make it as easy as possible for our customers to send gifts and rewards. Delight the customer, that’s our goal – it’s what we do. With the inspiration of happy customers skipping through our minds we have morphed into a RaaS™ (Rewards as a Service) provider. The journey has been educational and we will continue to iterate and improve, but thus far we have developed industry leading mobile, online, and cloud options for delivering digital rewards and gifts.

There are 8 easy ways send a Tango Card:

  1. Our website –
  2. Our mobile apps
  3. App on the Salesforce AppExchange
  4. Zendesk
  5. SDKs
  6. Snap
  7. Treat
  8. Earn Tango Cards via one of our awesome partners

New Tango Card website redesign – Go straight through the site and create an account or buy anonymously. This is the best way to send a gift to anyone (on the grid).





Tango Card Mobile – Send cards from your iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone to any email address. Anyone with Tango Card value can redeem instantly on their iPhone or Android phone to spend in-store and on the go.


Salesforce Card Page – Tango Card is the only cloud based application for sending real gifts within the famed CRM software. Send real gifts, build relationships, get results.


Zendesk App ScreenZendesk – Tango Card is also the only cloud app in the Zendesk customer service platform. Customer service teams already send gifts; we want to make this as easy and cost-effective as possible.


SDKs/API – If you want to add Tango Cards to your program, site, or app then you can be up and running with as little as a few hours of development with our suite of SDKs.

Snap – This is the easiest way to send bulk digital gift cards in just a few simple steps. Create a campaign, upload a spreadsheet, make your payment, and we do the rest! – Add a Tango Card to a custom greeting card and give the perfect gift!

There are also many ways to earn Tango Cards – check out reward programs from some of our partners: Bing, Media Insiders, Toluna, and Plink.

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