Digital Rewards = Operational Delight!

There is one definitive way to make your reward program more efficient.  Simply, add e-gift cards and digital delivery as options.  We have discussed here previously how e-gift cards are more engaging –  with features like instant delivery, branded delivery, choice, recognizable and desirable global brands like, Nike, iTunes, Target, Nordstrom. Engage right with digital rewards!

Now here’s where you get to eat your cake too… an all-digital program is an operational delight! Here’s why:

No Inventory needed.

Free up cash and eliminate the risk of storing valuable goods like physical gift cards in your office.  Plus, this eliminates the need to plan for demand across hundreds of individual items.

Digital Trail.

E-gift cards leave a tidy digital trail! This means that that cannot get lost. If a reward recipient misplaces their email, we can simply resend the code to them. A digital trail also makes centralized accounting and reporting on your company’s gift card spend is simple, whereas it’s next to impossible with physical rewards.

Delivery is Free.

We have run into instances where people are paying $10, $15, $20 to process some type of physical reward; a piece of merchandise, a physical card, or a paper check. In these cases, we can make payouts instant and bring processing fees to $0 with an e-gift card. And if that’s not convincing enough – we find that a large majority of people choose an e-gift card over a check when given the choice.

If you’re setting up a reward program, are experiencing headaches, or want to have things run more efficiently – digital rewards are the way to go!


Written by Scotty Greenburg

Scotty has been at Tango Card for 4 years in Marketing. Along with the rest of the Tango Card business team, he has helped to create a culture of incentive domain expertise to best support Tango Card’s enterprise reward and incentive customers. He also likes shimmery backgrounds.

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