Dilbert’s take on Gamification

Gamification officially made it in to the Sunday comics via Dilbert!


Naturally, as is customary with Dilbert, its in a sarcastic context.  However, I did want to take a moment to reflect on one key message that comes through – rewards are a critical component!

I am a huge fan of gamification (or modern loyalty, engagement – whatever you may call it).  Great implementations have really driven measurable results.  By using game design and elements employee engagement, customer acquisition, and loyalty have by all accounts improved exponentially.

In my experience, a successful gamification instance will have at least these 4 components: 1) Competition, 2) Social engagement, 3) Status, and 4) Real Rewards.  A social component with competition ensures active participation and keeps the employee or customer “checking back” frequently.  Status, often seen through badging or titles, delivers a sense of accomplishment.  Who doesn’t like to be known as the “bar-raiser”?  And, naturally, rewards add a sense of accomplishment and tangible benefit to the quest.

Without rewards a key sense of “real world accomplishment” is missing.  I wrote a piece for Business Insider about my experience with Foursquare.  After receiving badges, mayorships, uploading content – I really wanted to see some benefit – but alas, there was none.

We truly believe that when a reward is delivered at the most strategic moment of engagement – real business results can be achieved.  In other words, rewards make gamification strategic.

Dilbert would love his badge so much more if a trip to Starbucks was tied to it…’d hear no sarcastic comments for sure!

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