Employee Spotlight: Walter Tucker

How long have you been at Tango Card?

I’ve been here 9 months.

What is your position?

CS (Customer Service) Supervisor

What does this position mean to you?

Being the CS Supervisor at Tango Card means the following to me:

  • Be as knowledgeable as possible in all aspects of the company.
  • Be available and able to assist the team, end users, and business partners.
  • Be the liaison between end users and other departments at Tango Card.

These are all so important. So, what do you really like about Tango Card?

I love the comradery and team atmosphere here at Tango Card. All the departments work well together, and I enjoy team meetings and collaborations where I can learn where everyone is at. I’ve been at other companies where there is more of a divide between departments which meant less interaction. The atmosphere at Tango Card is great.

The atmosphere is great here. What’s the most rewarding experience you’ve had at Tango Card?

The most rewarding experience I’ve had at Tango Card is being promoted to supervisor after my first month here.

That is awesome, congrats! What’s your favorite thing about working at Tango Card?

I enjoy learning about different departments and how they work together. I’m also looking forward to seeing how big and far we can go as a company, especially after seeing how far we’ve come even since I started here. I’m excited to learn more about the industry as well as the opportunity to grow with the company.  

Favorite app/website to boost productivity?

I avoid apps and the internet during work – they make me less productive!

Favorite app/website to “take breaks”?

Listening to Apple Music gets me through the work day.

What music is on right now?

I’m an old soul, so I’m usually listening to old R&B and rap. Usually, The Fugees are playing or some soft soul.

What is your motto?

If you can’t laugh at yourself, then you’re doing it wrong.

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