Considering E-Gift Cards for Your Business? Work with a Pro.

Gift Card.

What immediately came to mind when you read those two words? If you are like most, you thought about a birthday, Mother’s Day, a holiday in December, or maybe a gift for your child’s teacher. Gift cards are amazing, near universal gifts that almost all of us have given, received, or both.  They can be purchased almost anywhere: grocery stores, gas stations, at the mall, even via school fund raising efforts.

Gift cards (especially e-gift cards – gift cards that can be delivered by email or other digital means) are quickly becoming a favorite in the business world for enterprise applications including wellness rewards, customer acquisition, and employee recognition programs. Though still a gift card, these products are very different animals than they are in the consumer world.

Check out just some of the key differences among e-gift cards for enterprise applications vs. e-gift cards for the consumer.E-gift card comparison chart

In our experience, e-gift cards for the enterprise really are different than e-gift cards for the consumer. Make sure you work with someone that knows their way around this industry.

At Tango Card, we elevate the digital reward experience for our customers and for reward recipients.  We combine easy to use technology, a unique digital reward catalog, and great support in our solutions. We love making the complexity above easy for our customers, and that’s our “gift” to them.

David_for_webPost by David Leeds, Founder and CEO of Tango Card

David has great experience starting, scaling, and managing large enterprise businesses.He was cofounder and Senior Vice President of Strategy, Sales and Marketing at FiberTower. He has a MBA from Stanford and an undergraduate degree from University of Vermont. He generally leaves his baja hoodie at home.


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