Five Questions With … Plink

Plink is an online-to-offline loyalty program that rewards members for dining and shopping at their favorite national restaurants and offline stores. Plink was an early adopter of Tango Card SDKs, which they use so that Plink members can earn rewards that can be redeemed at leading brands such as, The Gap, Home Depot, iTunes, Nike and Target, among others. All this just for dining and shopping at 35,000 of Plink’s participating partner locations nationwide.

Want to become a Plink member? It’s easy! Just create an account at, then safely and securely link the credit or debit card of their choice, and begin earning rewards.

And without further ado, here are five questions with Plink…

1.       Who are you and what is great about your job?

Bryan Tyler, CTO, Plink Inc. I’m a technologist at heart. Working for a small startup allows me to stay “sharp”, stay on top of current technology trends and gives us the flexibility to try new things quickly. I have an incredibly talented, intelligent and dedicated team. Everyone is excited about what we can do next. What’s not to like?

2. What’s your connection to Tango Card?

Tango Card is the partner that we’ve selected to distribute our member’s rewards through. Plink is an offline loyalty program that allows our members to earn rewards for shopping and dining offline. Tango Card has completely eliminated to burden of reward fulfillment, which allows us to focus on our core business.

3. What would be the title of a blog about your life?

“Whatever it takes.” It’s a mindset I try to instill in my team and do my best to live by every day.

4. If you could have a gift card to buy any one thing, what would it be?

Anything???? Well, an island in the South Pacific wouldn’t be bad. Realistically, I’d love a fancy new road bike, you know, one like the pros ride in the Tour De France!

5. What’s one prediction you have for the gift card / rewards / loyalty / gamification industry in 2022?

By the year 2022, everyone will have a mobile wallet. Gift cards, rewards, loyalty and mobile payment will all be integrated into that wallet. There will be one or two major players in each space and Plink’s goal is to be the one providing the loyalty and rewards!

For more information about Plink, visit

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