Gift Ideas for Employee Rewards

Experiential and themed rewards packages will delight recipients during this spring season. It’s the perfect time to put together a rewards package to say, “Great job,” or “Thank you.”

Gift giving can be difficult, especially when pressed for time, on a limited budget, or  have dozens of recipients to send to.

A little creativity and the use of digital gift cards can make it a breeze to create exciting rewards. Here are great gift ideas for employee rewards:

#1 Gift Idea: Day of Relaxation Package

Gift idea number 1_Day of relaxation

“Grand Velas – Yoga and Pilates” by Grand Velas Puerto Vallarta

A Day of Relaxation is the perfect theme for a spring rewards package.

By including the Tango Card as a standalone or as a component of a larger package, business managers can reward their team with day-trips, outdoor activities, wellness and travel packages.

Recipients can redeem their Tango Card value for a SpaFinder Wellness 365 and Groupon gift card. Employees relaxing at a local spa or beauty shop. Now that’s a reward.

The Spafinder Wellness 365 gift card  is spendable at over 20,000-plus partners including spas, salons, fitness, yoga and Pilates studios and travel destinations.

Groupon provides discounts to local businesses. Recipients can find experiences like guided meditation workshops, beauty salons, yoga classes, and more. Groupon make a great spring break choice for couples, singles, and groups of friends.

With a “Day of Relaxation” package, team members can spend the day with friends and family, and soak up the R&R.

#2 Gift Idea: Spring Home Decorating Package

Spring cleaning isn’t just about dusty shelves. Spontaneous redecoration often happens on a sunny weekend.

Include the Tango Card in your Spring Home Decorating package and recipients can redeem for a Target, Home Depot, Pottery Barn and Kohls gift card. Together these brands meet the creative needs of the DIY home decorating enthusiast.

A refreshing home spending rewards package can include home decor merchandise, but gift cards work just as well by themselves.

The flexibility of the Tango Card means managers can focus on the presentation of the reward, instead of spending too much time on logistics.

Why worry about gathering individual cards or dealing with multiple payments? Refresh your rewards program with an exciting themed rewards package.

Happy Spring Break, stay tuned for more Gift Ideas for Employee Rewards!

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