Question of the week: How do I make donations with my Tango Card?

How do I make donations with my Tango Card?

One of the unique options with a Tango Card is that you can elect to donate all or a portion of your value to one of our great nonprofit organizations. It’s a terrific way to help others without a lot of time or trouble on your part.

How do I make donations with my Tango Cards? Here are all the nonprofit organizations that you can donate to.

Go to the “Spend” section of the site by clicking here, enter your card number and Pin, and then select the nonprofit organization(s) to which you want to donate and the amount you want to donate. Then just checkout like you normally would.

Once you have completed your order we will process the donation and you will receive an email confirming the donation has been made. Depending on if you chose to or not you can receive more info from the non-profit(s) you donated to including deduction information.

Got other questions? Check out our FAQs or reach out to our awesome customer service team directly.

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