How NonProfits Became a Vital Part of Our Reward Catalog


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I started last week off with a question: how much money had been donated to nonprofit organizations through our B2B reward delivery platform? When I found out I did a little jump for joy – over $270,000 has been donated through our platform to the 20 nonprofit organizations we work with. So cool! Let me share a bit more of the story:

When I started Tango Card, there were a number of things in the B2B incentives industry that I knew could be fixed with technology, with a new business model, and with fresh thinking and determination. Alongside building our awesome reward delivery platform and our rockstar team, the key piece of the puzzle was to build a catalog of really desirable rewards – the kind that inspire people to do things! And while many people go for a gift card, there are quite a few who are seriously fulfilled by donating their reward to a nonprofit.

Here are 5 ways that we see nonprofit donations as a vital part of our reward catalog:

  • Splitting up a choice card. Many companies reward their employees or incentivize their customers with a Tango Card (our choice card). It is common for the recipient to break up the value of that card – putting some on gift cards and some into donations (to their heart’s content!)
  • Tango Cards with small residual balance. Donating is a simple and high impact way for people to use small remaining balances in a productive way. Being able to donate a balance (on a Tango Card gift card) to a nonprofit organization with a few simple mouse clicks is awesome. And because they make the donation, they get the recognition!
  • Some recipients cannot accept a reward or incentive. There are a number of people that either a) cannot accept rewards/gifts/incentives or b) if they do receive one, they would much rather that benefit go to someone else. The ability to make donations as a reward or incentive has been a fulfilling incentive in use cases such as research – where the recipient is a doctor, professor, or industry expert and often cannot receive or are not incentivized by a gift card.
  • Alignment with corporate mission or values. We work with a lot of companies where the CEO, Chief People Person, or Head of HR specifically wants to include a nonprofit organization as part of their program so that their employees can support a valuable cause with incentives they have earned.
  • Program differentiation. This one is fun and easy. Many reward and incentive programs today simply do not offer nonprofit contributions as an option. Doing so can easily differentiate a program.

Many of our customers now incorporate nonprofit contributions as part of their offering. Donations through our platform support Girls Who Code, Donor’s Choose, Habitat for Humanity, The National Park Foundation, Summer Search and others. We are in the business of helping companies engage their customers, partners, and employees – it turns out a lot of people are motivated by the prospect of lending a helping hand.

This is one of the incredible joys of being an entrepreneur and a part of a small and motivated team. You have an idea that you believe has impact, you make it happen, and you fine tune it. And in those times when it works, you see results like we have here and it’s awesome.

$270,000 – awesome so far.

I’m looking forward to our next milestone!

– David

David_for_webPost by David Leeds, Founder and CEO of Tango Card

David has great experience starting, scaling, and managing large enterprise businesses. He was co-founder and Senior Vice President of Strategy, Sales and Marketing at FiberTower. He has a MBA from Stanford and an undergraduate degree from University of Vermont. He generally leaves his baja hoodie at home.


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