Kinesis Survey Technologies Integrates Instant Incentives

This month Kinesis Survey Technologies announced their integration with Tango Card. You can read the full press release here. Kinesis is a tech-forward market research platform – providing an innovative survey and panel management product suite for both desktop and mobile market research. In recent years market researchers have embraced mobile devices as an important channel for survey engagement. This was not always the case and Kinesis led the industry with their early innovation around mobile survey technology.

Kinesis integrates instant incentives

We are very excited about this partnership with Kinesis for three key reasons:

1) We believe modern software platforms need a modern incentive module. Kinesis has done a great job building an incredible, intuitive, and state-of-the-art software platform for market research. Their customers can leverage the simple software and yet perform complex survey and panel functions. With innovation like that – the incentive component has to keep pace. Incentives are key for survey participation and panel management. They reduce churn, encourage completions, and reward engagement. With Tango Card’s RaaS API integrated in the Kinesis platform panelists enjoy instant rewards – making the incentive and reward piece awesome.

2) Rewards integrated in the Kinesis Platform make the platform more valuable. When the reward selection and delivery is integrated in a platform it increases engagement and differentiates the platform from other solutions. With Kinesis, panel managers can engage their panel and present them with an e-gift card reward selection all within the same platform (whether it’s an gift card, iTunes gift card, or one of many others)! This is a huge improvement on the common scenario where panel managers administer the rewards outside of their survey and panel software. The reward and the platform are integrated. It’s a great experience for the manager and the panelist.

3) Rewards delivered instantly have impact. An incentive is an important piece of the puzzle in driving desired behavior. However, if you are going to use an incentive you also want it to have lasting impact. Studies show that 2 out of 3 people that receive a gift card remember what they purchased with the gift card and associate it positively with the reason and the company that gave it to them. That is impact. You know what else is impactful? Receiving the gift card instantly when completing an action. With the RaaS API integration in the Kinesis platform the survey respondents interacting with the platform receive their choice instantly which greatly enhances the experience.

Overall, Kinesis did a great job with the integration and we’re excited about the potential. Hopefully, if you are lucky enough you will be involved in market research or a panel that uses Kinesis and can experience this integration first-hand.


Written by Nat Salvione

Nat_Salvione_HeadshotNat Salvione is VP of Business Development at Tango Card. He has been soaking in the prepaid industry for 15 years with companies such as Incomm, Coinstar, and With prepaid industry leadership roles under his belt in partnerships, product and sales, you might say he knows his stuff.

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