Mobile gift card wallets: never forget or lose a gift card again

Did you get a bunch of gift cards for the holidays? Do you have a mobile gift card wallet? If yes, GREAT. If not, pull up a chair and let me tell you something astounding:

Americans spend $30B on gift cards annuallyIn 2009, $5 billion worth of gift cards went unused.

Yes, that’s billion with a “B.”

Do not fall into this trap!

Do not let your gift cards gather dust in a kitchen junk drawer. Do not forget them in a manila folder in your home office desk. Do not accidentally throw your gift cards away with the greeting card or gift bag they came in. Do not let your wallet get so fat and stuffed with various pieces of plastic that you can barely fit it in your back pocket. (Ahem. I may or may not be publicly shaming my husband right now.) Do not find yourself out at your favorite coffee shop, standing in line, and then realize that you forgot your gift card at home in your other trousers.

Take the simple step of downloading a free mobile gift card wallet app. (We might be mobile gift card app from Tango Card - iPhone My Cards screenshotever-so-slightly biased, but check out Tango Card’s apps – they’re pretty awesome, if we do say so ourselves). We recommend that you review the nice article that MSN Money just posted about mobile gift card apps too.

So if you are one of the many lucky folks that got a gift card recently, take just a couple moments to download an app and upload your cards into that app. Then you can be like me: smug, in line at Starbucks, using your app to pay for your tea with your gift card, while the woman in line behind you grumbles about having forgot her gift card at home again.

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