Mobile Gift Cards are the Best Gifts

There are plenty of reasons why gift cards make the best gifts. The first is factual: gift cards are the #1 requested gift year round. Why?

  1. They make perfect economic sense. Giving a gift card results in no loss of value due to a higher valuation of the gift by the buyer – 100% of the value of the gift is transferred to the recipient.
  2. Gift cards represent choice; the recipient can choose what to get, or depending on the gift card, where to spend it. Options can eliminate awkward gift giving mistakes, make the giver a far more valuable gift giver, and save time – it’s a beautiful thing.

Even so, there are still pain-points associated with gift cards. Have you ever forgotten a gift card? That could be a minor inconvenience or a huge embarrassment. Ever get a gift card you just didn’t want? There goes the value proposition. Is it possible to make it easier to buy, send, and use gift cards then it is already? Yep!

If you haven’t heard of mobile gift cards already then listen up! And if you haven’t heard of digital gift cards then listen upper.

Some would say that digital and mobile gift cards are “cooler,” and that’s the truth. But they are actually a lot easier too.

First off, digital gift cards transform buying and sending gifts into one sleek, paperless, pain-free transaction. Mobile apps allow easy storage and presentation of digital gift cards and physical card numbers – something leather (or duct tape) wallet cannot do. They also allow for giving, receiving, and social sharing of the whole process from wherever (even the bathroom, but keep it G).

This flow chart demonstrates the difference between a physical gift card
and an easy gift card (excuse me, a mobile gift card). 

There is one last question? Which gift card app should I use?

Only one app has all these features:

    • Buy and Send the “exactly what they wanted” gift card – the Tango Card
    • Redeem your Tango Card in-store and on the go
    • Use the map and balance update features to spend easily
    • Add and store all your gift cards in one place – even physical cards – so you never lose a gift card again
    • Share your purchases with your friends

Tango Card is a gift card that comes with its own free app – making it the ultimate gift card.

Stay tuned to learn more about our opinions on mobile gift card strategy – it’s not just about gifts! Rewards and loyalty are about to get real mobile (and local).



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