4 Take-Aways from Qualtrics Insights Summit 2016


I’m a little late getting this blog post out (sorry marketing team), but I need to share how awesome last week’s Qualtrics Insight Summit was. Not only had Qualtrics more than doubled the attendance, but they also improved the content and overall experience. Here are 4 take-aways from my time at the Qualtrics Insight Summit:

Emphasis on customer experience

Qualtrics came out strong on the second day with their new Customer Insights Platform; essentially unifying CX, market research, and employee insights into one platform. Throughout the summit, everyone kept talking about how customers engage with your brand and your research through multiple channels and touch points. From the web site customer satisfaction measurement to product concept testing, it’s all the same person you’re surveying. Their platform change reflects the need for a better research experience for participants and a unifying push for enterprises.

e-gift card impact capture

Make the whole experience great, they’ll remember!

This change also aligns with what we see on the rewards side. Reward experience matters! “Instant gratification” is a trite slogan in the digital incentive space, but simply sending an e-gift card by email or text is not the end of the story. Thinking about sending your customer an expiring link or pre-paid Visa with expiration? Is that the best you can do for your customer or participant experience? Customer Experience covers from the minute they engage with your company, to the research, to the way they receive the digital reward, and finally to actually using the e-gift card on something they love.

Steven Tyler

arrives at the 20th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation's Oscar Viewing Party held at West Hollywood Park on February 26, 2012 in West Hollywood, California.

I’m not an Aerosmith fan. Frankly, being half-Filipino I was more excited last year seeing the new Journey lead singer. That said, Steven Tyler ROCKED! I have two kids and don’t go to concerts that often anymore. It’s always nice to get out and have a little fun at conferences. Qualtrics doesn’t disappoint on this front.


Salt Lake City has really upped its food scene. I highly recommend Manoli’s for a foodie- or anyone that wants an amazing meal. If you’ve had a few drinks, I recommend checking out Astro or Crown Burger. Those two places put pastrami on their cheeseburgers. Pair that with a milkshake and you have a happy combination.

Great Speakers

Malcom Gladwell, Stephen Dubner, Captain Phillips? Awesome lineup. My hands down favorite was former Apple/Google exec Kim Scott. I’m super excited about her new book Radical Candor. I’m not one to take pictures of slides at conferences, but I did when she put her matrix up (check it out here Her three basic principles are “Say what you think”, “Telling people what to do doesn’t work”, and “Give a damn”. Simple concepts that take a whole lot of effort to execute.


Qualtrics has been a Tango Card partner and client for quite a while now. Last week’s Insight Summit was my second year attending. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2017!


Written by Collin Manaois

Collin Manaois HeadshotCollin, our Global Director of Business Development, has worked in market research, gamification and incentives over the last 15 years – racking up the perfect amount of experience to help Tango Card remain the best partner for digital incentive fulfillment. As far as Collin’s character is concerned, it’s extremely rare to find a better father (of his two young kids), husband or drinking partner.

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