QuestionPro Adds Value with Automatic Incentives

QuestionPro adds automatic incentives

For QuestionPro, supporting a smooth self-serve customer experience is how they cater to 2 million customers of their online survey software. While the core of QuestionPro’s business is creating surveys, collecting responses, and analyzing results, their CEO, Erik Koto, realized that they could add value and save time for their customers by integrating an automatic incentives solution. Erik was kind enough to sit down with us for an interview and explain how QuestionPro leverages Tango Card’s RaaS API.

Erik, how do you use rewards/incentives?

We integrated the RaaS API as a service for our customers. We see more than 30 million survey completions a year on our system and we send many more than that. We noticed that almost every one of the surveys has an incentive attached, but fulfillment of the incentive is traditionally done outside of the software. We took this as an opportunity to make offering and fulfillment of incentives a seamless part of our software for our customers to use, taking a big chunk of work out of their day.

Read the rest by downloading the whole case study here.

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