Resetting Customer Loyalty and Referral Rates by 41-60% with Digital Rewards

We are partnered with a practice management software system designed specifically for chiropractors. After experiencing a lack of support from their former rewards provider they needed a better solution for their rewards program. We chatted with the Administrative Director to learn how they were able to increase customer loyalty and referral rates by 41-60% with digital rewards powered by Tango Card.

How do you work with Tango Card?

API integration

Who do you send rewards to and for what reason? 

We send rewards to our customers and users for loyalty and referrals.

 What kind of rewards do you use?

We use gift cards and cash cards (e.g PayPal, Visa, bitcoin). 

Prior to working with Tango Card, how were rewards fulfilled?

We worked with another fulfillment partner.

Before working with Tango Card, did you experience any challenges?

We experienced the following challenges:

  • Struggled with tracking/handling lost rewards
  • It took too long for rewards to be delivered
  • Customer support for reward recipients was lacking
  • Program support from reward provider was lacking

Now that you work with Tango Card, what improvements have you experienced?

  • 61-80% reduction in time managing/fulfilling rewards
  • 41-60 % increase in customer loyalty and referrals
  • 0-20% reduction in cost
  • Improved customer service
  • Happier reward recipients
  • Rewards delivered faster or more on-time
  • Better program support from Tango Card

Please share why digital gift cards are valuable to your company.

Gift cards are valuable to our company because we don’t have the resources for mailing physical gift cards. Also saves [us] postage.

What are some benefits you’ve seen since partnering with Tango Card?

[Working with Tango Card is] very user-friendly and flexible. They are integrated with our platform [and it’s] easy to customize, track and report.


Written by Kasia McCormick
Kasia may be a fresh face on the Tango Card marketing team but her background in hospitality and PR make her the total package when it comes to telling Tango Card customers’ stories and organizing our customer advocate program. She also blends perfectly on the marketing team, where the two main themes re: German Shepherds and tequila.

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