Revving Referral Rates by 61-80%

GuestEngine is the #1 staff engagement platform for restaurants that provides a gamified SaaS platform for employee recognition, guest feedback/surveys, and loyalty programs. As a platform company that relies on engagement, they were looking for an effective solution to increase referrals for their social referral program. We sat down with JP Martindale, Co-Founder of GuestEngine, to learn how he increased employee engagement and referral rates by 61-80% when providing digital rewards powered by Tango Card.

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How do you work with Tango Card?

We’re integrated with the RaaS API.

Who do you send rewards to and for what reason?

We send rewards to our customers’ employees for employee engagement and referrals.

 What kind of rewards do you use at GuestEngine?

 We use gift cards and cash cards like PayPal, Visa, Bitcoin.

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Prior to working with Tango Card, how were rewards fulfilled at GuestEngine?

We did not send rewards prior to working with Tango Card. 

What are some of the challenges you faced prior to working with Tango Card?

We lacked customer support for reward recipients.

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Now that you work with Tango Card, what improvements have you experienced?

Since partnering with Tango Card, we’ve seen an increase in employee engagement and referral rates by 61-80%.  

Please share why digital gift cards are valuable to your company?

[E-gift cards] are valuable to the employees we provide the platform for.

What are some benefits you’ve seen since partnering with Tango Card?

We like working with Tango Card because of: ease of use, great attention to detail and work gets done. [Tango Card] is a good company with great support.

We’ve seen a 61-80% decrease in time spent fulfilling/managing rewards, and a 41-60% decrease in cost associated with rewards. We’ve also increased employee engagement and referrals by 61-80%.


Written by Kasia McCormick

Kasia may be a fresh face on the Tango Card marketing team but her background in hospitality and PR make her the total package when it comes to telling Tango Card customers’ stories and organizing our customer advocate program. She also blends perfectly on the marketing team, where the two main themes are German Shepherds and tequila.

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