Reward Programs are Key but Service Often Lacks

You have to check out this amazing article in CIO Today on reward programs. The main thought is that for consumers considering a new bank or credit card, the rewards program is key. While nearly two thirds of consumers are influenced by the rewards program, only 1 in 10 say their rewards program offers excellent service.

What are the key things consumers are looking for in reward programs?

  • Choice: Over 8 in 10 said more choice of rewards would be better
  • Access: The modern consumer is looking for digital rewards and online access
  • Service Levels: Astonishingly, less than 1/3 said they were receiving great service from their current rewards program.

Our mission at Tango Card is to make rewards easy to send and AWESOME to receive. We know that the three key things listed above (choice, access, and service) are critical to an awesome experience.

We will be at Loyalty Expo in Orlando (tweet #loyaltyexpo) and would love to explore ways to make your rewards program awesome.

Send us a tweet @tangocard and let’s meet up!


Written by Nat Salvione

Nat_Salvione_HeadshotNat Salvione is VP of Business Development at Tango Card. He has been soaking in the prepaid industry for 15 years with companies such as Incomm, Coinstar, and With prepaid industry leadership roles under his belt in partnerships, product and sales, you might say he knows his stuff.

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