Tango Card Facilitates $1M in Non-Profit Contributions

A lot is changing in the rewards and incentive industry and for good reason.  Many companies want to engage and inspire their employees, implement modern wellness programs, lower program costs in their business and of course all companies want to accelerate revenue growth.  Rewards and incentives play a critical role in achieving these and other business results.  And the better the rewards are the more impact they have. New and modern rewards – including really interesting ones like non-profit contributions – delivered instantly are changing the reward landscape and are having the impact enterprise customers today want.

The impact of these changes can be felt in many ways including some news I want to share as a material update to this post I wrote in February of last year.  At that time, Tango Card had facilitated $270,000 in contributions to the non-profit organizations we are partnered with.  As of today, we have facilitated over $1,000,000 in contributions to the 30 non-profit partners we work with.

What this means is that people have been given a reward or incentive for doing or accomplishing something – meeting a company step challenge, offering their unique insights in a survey, referring a friend to a compelling product, shipping a new product on time, going above and beyond, achieving a new level or topping a leaderboard, or being loyal to a company they work with and earning points for doing so.  And they have then chosen on their own to donate all or a portion of that reward to a non-profit organization.  That action gave them more satisfaction and happiness than spending their well-earned value on themselves AND it had an ongoing impact on others – whether that’s Girls Who Code, a family in need of shelter, maintaining a trail in a National Park, or supporting (RED) in their initiatives.

At Tango Card, we curate a huge range of digital rewards and incentives.  Our mission is to make these rewards easy to send and awesome to receive.  Providing an easy way for companies to offer non-profit contributions as part of their program has been core to our business from day one and it’s rewarding to see how impactful these contributions can be. I look forward to increasing these contributions more and more over time and can’t wait to see how far we can go.


David_for_webWritten by David Leeds – Founder and CEO of Tango Card

David has great experience starting, scaling, and managing large enterprise businesses. He was co-founder and Senior Vice President of Strategy, Sales, and Marketing at FiberTower. He has an MBA from Stanford and an undergraduate degree from the University of Vermont. He generally leaves his Baja hoodie at home.

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