Tango Card Makes the Inc. 5000!

My name is David Leeds and I am the CEO of Tango Card, a RaaS company that makes sending digital rewards easy and awesome to receive. On August 10th, I received a relatively formal package at work.  I opened it and the first line of the letter inside read: “On behalf of us at Inc., I am delighted to inform you that Tango Card has earned the position of The Inc. 5000 is a list of the fastest growing private companies in America and these companies have an average growth rate of 900% from 2012 to 2015. This award is some pretty cool recognition for a growing West Seattle company!  Less than 24 hours before reading this letter, we met with one of our customers to talk about the first month of our collaboration.  The meeting was incredible.  Our customer’s business was (and is) thriving and growing and we were discussing their growth plans and how we could collaborate in the coming years.  During the meeting, our customer spent a fair amount of time raving about us

There is nothing quite like happy customers and earning the admiration, trust, and respect of a customer.  Our vision at Tango Card is to be the #1 provider of rewards and incentives for the global enterprise.  When I started the company, our basic idea was to lead the transformation of the B2B reward and incentive industry from a physical, DIY, murky, fee heavy model to an integrated, digital, transparent, and global one.  We’re doing this and seeing amazing results in verticals including market research and surveys, health and wellness engagement, modern loyalty and engagement programs, B2B and B2C advocacy, and we are modernizing check, cash, and card disbursement.  And this really is just the beginning.  Our goal remains to provide the technology, tools, content, and –most importantly- global support to make our customers successful.

Tango Card has grown from zero customers in 2010 to over 1,000 today – past the ability for me to remember every single customer name. (This is hard for me to accept.)  But, we have not grown past my and our ability to relish in making a customer happy, whether the customer is a two-person start-up in a garage in Spain or one of the top 5 largest companies in the world.

What I do know, though, is how every single employee here at Tango Card contributes to growing this business through delighting customers. The responsiveness, accountability, expertise and communication on the Tango Card team are second-to-none.

As a founder, there are great moments of public recognition: a fund raise, a press release around an exciting new product release, or an Inc. 5000 fastest growing company award.  And there are 100x more internal ups and downs in between.  What I think this really shows (for the 5000 companies formally recognized by Inc. and by many others not explicitly recognized here) is that sustained effort and commitment over time is what leads to real and tangible business results and the discrete official recognition of those efforts and results is pretty special.

Thank you, for the award and the recognition.


David Leeds – on behalf of the entire team here at Tango Card.


David_for_webPost by David Leeds, Founder and CEO of Tango Card

David has great experience starting, scaling, and managing large enterprise businesses. He was co-founder and Senior Vice President of Strategy, Sales and Marketing at FiberTower. He has a MBA from Stanford and an undergraduate degree from University of Vermont. He generally leaves his baja hoodie at home.

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