Spend your Tango Card at local businesses with Tango Card® Neighborhood™

Wouldn’t it be awesome to receive a gift card and then spend it wherever you want? Well, Tango Card already does that – opening doors to top brands like Amazon, Target, Starbucks, and more. However, we were up late one night thinking about how to make our product better for our customers. How can we make the Tango Card more useful and more thoughtful? Local, favorite, neighborhood businesses! We want our customers to be able to get a Tango Card and have the option to spend it at their favorite local businesses. This is how we can make getting a Tango Card that much better for any special person that gets a Tango Card:


We have set out to make the Tango Card a single gift that can work at local businesses across the U.S. This is the beginning of an exciting partnership with Quickgifts, who specialize in helping small businesses create and distribute gift cards. We will continuously expand our Neighborhood™ selection through our partnership with Quickgifts and other local business gift card aggregators.

Starting today, exclusively on the Tango Card iPhone app, you can redeem your Tango Card for local businesses across the US.  This is only the beginning of our effort; please stay tuned as we work to bring many, many more local businesses to the Tango Card apps and website.

We are also open for suggestions! Please drop us a line at if you have a local business that you would like to see added.

How Tango Card Neighborhood works:Spend with Neighborhood

1)      Login to the Tango Card mobile app and choose “Spend”.

2)      Notice the new buttons! Select “Tango Card Neighborhood”.

3)      The search panel will drop down – for a quick search, simply select whether you’d like to walk, bike, saddle-up, or buckle-in to get there and hit search!


4)      In case there is nothing returned; 1) try a wider search or 2) please hold tight because we are adding more businesses all the time!

5)      Complete the simple purchase process and you will receive your card in My Cards and in your email.


As always, thank you very much for reading and for being a fan of Tango Card!

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