The Digital Future of Insurance is Happening

Dig|in was awesome! We had a kick-ass time and learned quite a bit about the digital transformation currently underway in the insurance market. Congratulations to WeGoLook and Swoop on best of demo honors. There were three main themes I noticed for the show: consolidation, efficiency, and engagement – the three primary advantages of a digital transformation.


Jennifer kicked off the conference with an overview of digital transformation and most importantly, how Nationwide plans to consolidate 600 individual brands into one, coherent customer journey. Consolidation of this kind has a major streamlining effect for both the customer experience and the insurer. It makes way for all kinds of digital solutions that require consolidation of data and services to work. Sorta like you need that power adaptor to plug in your computer, phone, or car. Welcome to the frickin future!


People are consolidating data and searching for easier/faster ways to do things, ala the demo portion of our fare show. Sign documents, manage invoices, capture photos, provide customer service, validate data – a horde of new technologies to help you and your customer get on the same page in real time, across mediums.


As one realistic conference goer put it, “no one wakes up in the morning and wants to engage with their life insurance provider.” I’m sure it’s true for many insurers that their customers only interact with them when they owe them money or when they have had an accident – how fun.

What to do? Create some positive moments with an engagement program. We spoke to people creating wellness programs, safe-driving programs, and mulling over incentives for participation in value add services – pickups, photo capture, sales spiffs, and more. The truth is that these digital days enable people to interact increasingly with brands. It’s up to the brand to drive that engagement.

It was a pleasure attending and demoing with the fine people Dig|In 2017 – see you next year!

Written by Scotty Greenburg

Scotty has been at Tango Card for 4 years in Marketing. Along with the rest of the Tango Card business team, he has helped to create a culture of incentive domain expertise to best support Tango Card’s enterprise reward and incentive customers. He also likes shimmery backgrounds.

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