The Future of Incentives for the Enterprise is Cool. Very Cool.

The future of incentives for the enterpriseYesterday I experienced first-hand the future of incentives for the enterprise. I saw first-hand just how amazing the future of rewards is going to be. Let me explain.

In May, I received a $50 spot award for demonstrating a core value, setting a high bar. It felt great to get this recognition from the team.

Yesterday, I went to use the $50 award and used it for two things. First, I took $25 and got a REI gift card. I need a head lamp for my son and this gift card will help build some great camping experiences together.

Then, I donated the other $25 to Girls Who Code. When I made this donation, I felt absolutely awesome. What an amazing organization!

Girls Who Code is getting a lot coverage and awareness, especially in cities like Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, and New York. The nonprofit is addressing the challenge in a meaningful and sustainable way.

After I made my donation, I printed the donation confirmation. Then I walked around the office and showed at least 5 people including our CTO, several folks on the sales team, and one of our developers – yes, she is a girl who codes.

Now, it is 24 hours later, and I am still loving the whole experience. I didn’t realize receiving a reward from work could be so personally fulfilling.

Most companies have some type of employee recognition program. If those programs create the same experience as the one I’m having, they’ve created amazing impact with their employee recognition.

The Future of Incentives for the Enterprise is Here 

What is so cool about this experience from an industry point of view is that it shows just how much incentive programs have changed.

For a generation, employees would be recognized with a watch for loyal service. This was motivating and inspirational for a lot of people and a great tool for companies. Then programs evolved and offered physical catalogs with lots of items that employees could comb through, picking merchandise made them happy. This evolution added selection, demonstrated physical distribution prowess, brought some technology to a growing industry and delivered a lot of value.

Today all of the rules are changing for enterprise incentives. Technology is changing life at work.  The modern workforce is more mobile and more demanding. We expect immediate delivery, we want to be surprised and delighted.  My experience with my award shows the future of incentives. And it’s very much here today.

This future is cool. Very cool.

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