The Power of the Cloud is Unmistakable

The power of the cloud is unmistakable – cloud computing is transforming industries, changing the way we work, moving us from huge enterprise implementations to bite sized projects, improving cost structures, and impacting just about every strategic discussion. But it’s also just solving simple problems and making our jobs more fun. Here are a few stories from the rewards and recognition industry that highlight the more pragmatic benefits of the cloud.


“Jan” works at a large, global relocation company. This company helps relocate key company personnel around the globe. Some move from one state to another to take a new job, while others move to a new country to take on a new role. Companies pay for these moves because they are strategic and believe these changes drive real results. Jan’s company focuses on doing a great job for existing clients and constantly works to provide services to new companies. Jan thanks prospective companies for attending webinars and she sends gift cards to individuals that are being relocated during the move process and after to get feedback on the process and how to make it better. The biggest headache of this process? Sending the rewards. Jan contacts various gift card companies and they send her boxes of gift cards. She then puts these gift cards into envelopes and sends them out. This process takes her a huge amount of time (some times her whole day) and she ultimately has little idea if the gift card arrived and/or was appreciated.

“Laura” works at a Fortune 100 company located on the West Coast. Her company gets a huge amount of business from referrals and it’s important for her and her company to recognize these referrals. Today, Laura drives to a grocery or convenience store and purchase gift cards to recognize these referrals. Or she asks a colleague to do this for her. In the US, this takes a huge amount of time but it’s possible to do on a repeatable basis. For her to recognize referrals in other countries, the process becomes challenging or impossible. In some countries, she has colleagues and she can ask those colleagues to drive by the local version of a “7-11” and purchase a gift card. Ultimatley this is very low tech, time intensive, and challenging to manage. The goal is clear, but the implementation is hard and getting harder for Laura.

“David” runs a spot rewards program in his company. He recognizes team members weekly for going above and beyond or just for wowing a customer (internal or external). Today he purchase a range of gift cards with a value of $5 or $10. He keeps these cards in a drawer and hands them out when he gives the spot award. He often runs into a problem where he does not have the right number or value of card he wants to give out. Sometimes he replenishes his inventory the next day, some times he just does not do the recognition. His goals, objectives, and desire are clear, but this manual process is letting him down.

“Alex” works in customer service for a small, very rapidly growing company. He has always loved the way Zappos wows customers through both great products and incredible customer service. He runs a “make it right” campaign at his company where customer service agents are empowered to turn challenging customer service situations into positive outcomes. This often involves thanking a customer for working through a tough issue with a gift card. The goal is to show commitment to the customer, make the customer happy, and to keep the customer as a customer! Today, the team does this by collecting the customers email address and sending them a digital gift card. Operationally, this program is a huge problem for Alex. Depending upon the gift card the customer wants, Alex visits the Brand website, logs in, and then sends a digital gift card. The card is then sent from that Brand’s site. In addition to this taking a lot of time, Alex does not really know if the cards have been sent or received. Worse, if the email lands in a spam folder or is not received, Alex often just sends another one because he does not know how to resend a gift card from a 3rd party site.

On a fundamental level, these stories are not really surprising. We are all committed to what we do. We know what our business needs to be successful and we set out to achieve that success. In these cases, the reward and recognition piece is critical, we know it, and we just do what it takes. What is unfortunate is that executing on this can make our jobs tougher and ultimately less enjoyable. It’s 2013, and we’re still dealing with some pretty basic issues. Tango Card is focused on helping companies deliver key business goals and improving the person’s job who is responsible for the execution of these programs. We have web based ordering tools, pure cloud based applications, SDKs, and sophisticated APIs. What this means for the DIYer (do-it-yourselfer) is that your daily drive to the store, your visits to web sites to order gift cards, and your stuffing of envelopes can come to an end. Jan now uses our Tango Card for Salesforce app. She’s getting the results she needs, she spends hours less time every day stuffing envelopes, and she’s enjoying her job more. Laura is now visiting a single web page to order the digital gift cards she needs for referrals in two different countries. She’s recognizing referrals and she’s saving a huge amount of time and money. David has completely automated his spot rewards program. His team is happier and he’s loving his program…and sending spot rewards without reaching into his drawer. And Alex has fully automated and integrated his make it right campaign with Zendesk which he uses for his cloud based customer support.

At Tango Card, we believe in the cloud and love the DIYer. Our goal is to provide you with modern rewards making it easy for you to execute on your goals and enjoy your job more.

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