Tracking Student Engagement with Digital Rewards


Western Governors University is an online college where people can earn an affordable, accredited, career-focused college degree at an accelerated pace. They send rewards to their employees for engagement as well as to users for research payouts. Tired of purchasing and fulfilling physical rewards on their own, Western Governors University turned to Tango Card when they needed a better way to track usage for their programs. Keep reading to find out how they reduced time and money and increased employee engagement by 41-60% by sending rewards powered by Tango Card.

How do you work with Tango Card?

We order through Rewards Genius.

Who do you send rewards to and for what reason?

We send rewards to our employees and customers/users for employee engagement and payment disbursements. 

What kind of rewards do you use?

We send gift cards for rewards.

Prior to Tango Card, how were you fulfilling rewards?

We purchased physical rewards and fulfilled ourselves.

Before working with Tango Card, did you experience any challenges? 

Before working with Tango Card, we experienced the following challenges:

  • High fees/costs associated with fulfilling rewards.
  • Struggled with tracking/handling lost rewards.

Now that you work with Tango Card, what improvements have you experienced?

Now that we work with Tango Card, we’ve seen the following improvements:

  • 21-40% reduction in time managing/fulfilling rewards.
  • 41-60% increase in Employee Engagement.
  • 21-40% reduction in cost associated with managing/fulfilling rewards.

Please share why digital gift cards are valuable to your company.

Digital gift cards are valuable to our company because we can track usage. Working with Tango Card is valuable because we have the [ability to track employee engagement].

Written by Kasia McCormick

Kasia may be a fresh face on the Tango Card marketing team but her background in hospitality and PR make her the total package when it comes to telling Tango Card customers’ stories and organizing our customer advocate program. She also blends perfectly on the marketing team, where the two main themes re: German Shepherds and tequila.

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