Update on July 26th Website Incident

Yesterday (July 26th) an unsuccessful attack was made on our website.  As we all know, this unfortunately is common today across all websites. Tango Card remains vigilant about protecting its users and their accounts. Such attacks – even though unsuccessful – cause some slowness for our website.

Yesterday’s attack was broader than usual, and we want to make our customers aware of it so they can be especially vigilant about practicing good security on their part. This particular attack involved an attempt to create new accounts on our website using authentic email addresses (which, also as we all know, can be readily obtained by “bad actors”). If you are concerned whether your email address might be for sale, we recommend entering it at you will be able to see if your email address was compromised and from which site.

As soon as we detected the behavior we disabled the ability to create accounts.  We have since added reCAPTCHA to the create account page to prevent any automated account creation in the future.

In addition, we believe some people may have received a “welcome to Tango Card” email unexpectedly.  This could be part of a “phishing” scheme.  Please know that your email will not be used by us for any purpose, including marketing. We will be deleting these false accounts and all records with them. We strongly suggest you choose a strong password for your email account – one that includes upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and at least one special character. 

We take security seriously at Tango Card and we would never use your information without your permission. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact our Customer Support team at or 877-55-TANGO.


Thank you,

Tango Card Team


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