Upstart Uses Instant E-Gift Card Webhook for Marketo

Instant E-Gift Card Webhook for Marketo

Delivering incentives in modern smart marketing programs has long been troublesome. Tracking the rewards, inventorying the items, and fulfilling the reward to the end-user all add up to hours of manual work. Today, Tango Card announces a way to change all that: they have an easy-to-use integration for Marketo to deliver instant digital incentives within smart campaigns. Early adopters like Upstart Network are using Tango Card’s integration to send e-gift cards for actions taken in their smart marketing campaigns. Now the incentives, e-gift cards, are automatically fulfilled via a webhook to Tango Card’s RaaS® (Rewards as a Service) API.

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Upstart Network offers loans to consumers based on education and work history, in addition to merely looking at a credit score. They use e-gift cards when they run promotion aimed at incentivizing completion of loan applications. With the Tango Card for Marketo webhook, they can deliver the incentives hands free. “It’s easy to procrastinate when it comes to making financial decisions. We find that promotions and incentives encourage people to be proactive and feel excited about taking steps towards improving their financial health,” said Jeff Keltner, Head of Growth at Upstart Network.

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Check out the integration on Marketo Launchpoint.

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