Who’s Who at Tango Card: Sonia Highet

Sonia-Highet-300x300_2How long have you been at Tango Card?
It’ll be two years July 2nd.

What is your position?
Customer Success Manager

What does it mean to you?
It means being knowledgeable, flexible, approachable, resourceful, and able to listen to ensure those I work with – both client-facing and internally-facing – get the best from Tango Card.


What gets you excited about Tango Card?
The people. I like to work with people who are smarter than me.  I also like folks who work hard, take accountability, and are nice. Here at Tango Card I have the whole package around me every day: people who challenge each other in a supportive way who also like to have fun. I love coming to work and seeing what we can do next.

What’s the most rewarding experience you’ve had at Tango Card?
There was that one time I came close to beating Michael at Ping-Pong. That’s high up there.
I’ve been fortunate to have several awesome experiences in my short time here. One that stands out actually started out not so favorably when a client needed a custom project done and they needed it quickly – something our Dev team said would be really difficult to complete in time. Folks from Development, Operations, Business Development, and Management huddled up on a Friday and we determined who and what would be needed, including working over the weekend. Everyone asked to help stepped up and said they’d do what it would take, including the client. It was a true collaboration across teams and we got it done late Sunday night. It was my first deep dive with the broader Tango Card team and I was impressed with how everyone worked to benefit our client and our client’s customers. I was really proud of what we accomplished.

Favorite App/website to boost productivity?
My alarm clock app. (Thanks, Andrew for the reminder.)

Favorite App/website to “take breaks”?
As old school as this sounds, I dig my solitaire.

What music is on right now?
I love a full range of music, from rock to classical. Right at this moment Bon Jovi is singing about “Bad Medicine”.

What is your motto?
I have two: “There is almost always another choice” and “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

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