Why Certain Organizations Win

Every few months, I watch a handful of regular talks on YouTube and TED that I find inspirational. These talks give me energy, clarity, and motivation. And they can often help me think creatively about a range of things. I watch the Steve Jobs’s commencement speech at Stanford, the MLK I have a dream speech, and I watch a talk by Simon Sinek that currently has over 11M views. Simon’s TED talk is titled “How great leaders inspire action” though I think a more appropriate title would be “why certain organizations win.” The core point Simon makes is that all companies and employees know WHAT they do, but a precious few know WHY they do what they do.  Those that truly know WHY are the ones that succeed.


At Tango Card, we are truly fired up about WHAT we do. We are a software and solutions company, and we provide RaaS™ (Rewards as a Service) to enterprise customers.  We solve real problems for our customers.  We help companies reward and retain great employees. We help sales teams drive results with sales incentive programs, we make it easy for marketing teams thank webinar attendees, and we help a range of customers acquire and retain customers. We do all of this with a disruptive product and a disruptive business model.  That’s WHAT we do.

But there is something else that makes it easy for us to get out of bed every day and makes it thrilling for us to spend so much of our time and our lives together and this is the WHY of Tango Card. Why do we do what we do at Tango Card? Here’s why:

  • We believe companies need to better engage, reward, and recognize their employees
  • We believe companies want and need to better inspire their customers
  • We believe employees and customers deserve this, they both deserve the best
  • We believe this should be simple, fun, and engaging for everyone involved
  • We believe the way this will be done 5 years from now will be 100% different from how it is today
  • And, of course, we believe we are the catalyst for change

We believe strongly in strategic partnerships and building real value with the companies we work with. When we do this, we do our best to share the WHY of Tango Card. Companies like Salesforce, Microsoft, Mobee, Concur, Kudos, Toluna, Big Door, YouEarndIt and others know how deeply we care about what we do. That’s the WHY and it’s really exciting.

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  1. Temme July 31, 2013 at 5:36 pm #

    Insightful comments and ideas that will make the corporate world more humane and respected.

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