Why Our Customers Use E-Gift Cards for Employee Rewards

E-gift cards can be used as an incentive for a variety of different use cases ranging from payment disbursements, customer loyalty, referrals, market research, and so much more. A big chunk of our own customers utilize them for employee engagement. These companies use e-gift cards as a reward for employees who complete tasks or behave in a certain way in order to encourage them to participate. Here is a deeper look into why our customers use e-gift cards and how it’s working for them.

They listen to their employees.

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Many companies rely on feedback from their employees to improve everything from processes to the office breakroom offerings. They collect feedback anonymously in order to gauge employees’ happiness and feelings about the current work situation in a neutral space where employees can share these thoughts. “They were requested a lot before we integrated. Now people are happy they can spend their funds easily online.” This testimonial is from the CEO of a small business consumer service company who uses digital rewards powered by Tango Card. It’s important for stakeholders to listen and care about the general well-being of their employees, which is easily incentivized when your handing out rewards that are desired. Which brings us to our next point.

They provide a variety of reward options.

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Although it’s the thought that counts, rewards are not one size fits all. This is especially true when you’re trying to engage the wide range of personality types that are your employees. By acknowledging these differences and giving people the power to choose their own reward custom to their needs, you create a much more impactful experience that leaves a lasting impression for next time.

Employees really like E-Gift Cards.

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Gift cards, especially e-gift cards, are certainly not new to the incentives game. As far as value goes gift cards have been the #1 wished-for gift in the U.S. for the past nine years, so it’s safe to say handing out gift cards as a reward is appreciated. Combining the power of rewards with a digital option that requires little to no effort operationally is the best way to motivate employees and keep them interested.

In Conclusion

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E-gift cards are the best. Our customers use them for employee engagement because they see tangible results that show they really work. 30% of companies have seen an increase in employee engagement by 61-80%, and 25% of companies have seen an 81-100% increase in employee engagement since partnering with Tango Card. There’s a reason why gift cards are the most requested gift year after year!

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Written by Kasia McCormick

Kasia and Zeus squareKasia may be a fresh face on the Tango Card marketing team but her background in hospitality and PR make her the total package when it comes to telling Tango Card customers’ stories and organizing our customer advocate program. She also blends perfectly on the marketing team, where the two main themes are German Shepherds and tequila.

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