Why Referral Rock Likes to Tango

Build vs Buy?

As a builder of a SaaS platform, there are immense advantages using API based services to help us build our service faster and more effective for our customers.  Companies like us are now able to use API based services like Tango Card (rewards), Stripe (payments), SparkPost (email), Exceptionless (remote app logging) as main components in our infrastructure instead of building it ourselves. There are just so many great options for using APIs, and Tango Card is one of them.
screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-8-36-04-am We use different APIs to help us alleviate the burden of building all of these aspects and infrastructures from scratch. By utilizing these businesses we can get the best of breed services that we know are focused on providing the best services possible for their customers (i.e. us).  In turn, we can focus on solving our core value proposition for our customers. Many SaaS companies rely on each other to get everyday business operations under way. It’s very accommodating, especially since just a few years ago we’d have to build all sorts of infrastructure and deal with everything from the base level on our own. Now we can treat it like a black box. We simply input a few things, and it converts to what we need. APIs have cut out the hard work and set up and allow us to use a specific service that some other company has been able to perfect.

Tango Card has helped us in the regard of being our go-to reward provider. They can issue all the types of reward gift cards that our customers want. Tango Card has truly enabled companies like us to move faster and provide more value to customers, without necessarily having to build all the infrastructure ourselves. It’s also helped us cut back on running rewards through multiple services at the same time.

screen-shot-2017-01-03-at-8-36-22-amNow we can have one centralized way to manage gift card rewards. We don’t have to have an account with Amazon or Visa for their prepaid cards. We just have an account with Tango Card and can manage everything through their API.  They make it super easy to add more gift card options for our customers in addition to maintaining escrow balances for each customer. This is helpful because it allows our customers to have their own escrow accounts, which means it’s one less thing we have to keep track of.  Tango Card handles the funding of those accounts as well, which takes us out of having to manage credit cards and bank transfers for gift cards. 

Tango Card really enables us to focus on our core value proposition, which is managing referrals and handing out incentives for the referrals. For our customers that make use of this type of functionality like sending gift cards as their reward, Tango Card has helped immensely. Tango Card has just been an incredible partner in that aspect.

Like many API based services out there, Tango Card plays an integral part in allowing us to move fast and it allows us to provide certain things for our customers that would be much more difficult to do on our own.

Tango Card’s Customer Service

Situation # 1: The Irate Customer

One example of how Tango Card provided us with great customer service was when one of our customer’s (we’ll call them Roofing, Inc.) received a call from one of their customers (we’ll call him Jim). Essentially, Jim was confused on how to use a prepaid Visa Card issued by Tango Card. The individual chose to redeem a prepaid card as a digital credit card but had trouble using it with some merchants.  

At this point, Jim had become irate because his card would not work at any of the stores he tried to make a purchase from. Jim went on to call Roofing, Inc., who tried to call the Visa gift card number to try to figure out the situation. Roofing, Inc. was not able to reach anyone for help. So Roofing, Inc. then reached out to us for help. At this point, Jim wanted to throw in the towel and just get a physical gift card instead. However, because of his initial redemption process, this wouldn’t be an option.  We ended up reaching out to our Customer Success Rep at Tango Card for help.  He was able to get in contact with the Visa prepaid service to find out exactly what happened and how to solve the issue. 

Tango Card essentially handled everything for us. They were more than happy to help. They were able to get in contact with Visa and were very responsive and kept us in the loop during the whole process. Which was great because we were able to relay that information to our friends at Roofing, Inc. Tango Card was also able to jump through all the hurdles and by the end of the day, they were able to send Jim a physical gift card. This would not have been possible without Tango Card’s assistance.

The way Tango Card was able to handle this issue, even though it was a small issue with just one person, really speaks volumes about how they handle customer issues.


Situation #2: Tango Card Fixed Our Mistake

The second instance happened because of something we accidently did. We had set up in our system a way for a customer to use PayPal as a reward. We made the mistake by using Tango Card’s bank account number as the account that the PayPal money would go to. (BIG OOPS) So instead of going into the PayPal account, the money was sent to Tango Card. Tango Card contacted us, to let us know that they had received money from one of our customers. We figured out that we accidently put Tango Card’s bank account information in our UI instead of the correct bank account information. Tango Card quickly turned around and wired the money back to us so that we could put it in the correct account in a matter of hours.   

Tango Card Helps Our Sales

Since many of our customers and prospects want to provide monetary based incentives to their customers, we have been able to use Tango Card as a great selling point since it’s fully integrated into our platform.  One of the big selling points is the types of gift cards that can be sent.  We’ve landed a number of international customers solely because we would be able to provide cards in their native currency through Tango Card.

Plus we get Tango Card’s great customer service. Which means that if there are any issues, the redeeming individual only has to call Tango Card to get their issue sorted out. Which means that our customer doesn’t have to worry about a thing. Tango Card acts as the first line of defense when it comes to handling inquiries – which is a good enough selling point on its own.  We often are caught saying “If there is a problem with the reward, the customer doesn’t call you, doesn’t call me, they call Tango Card who knows how to solve the problem”.  

Having a partner like Tango Card has been extremely beneficial to our growing referral marketing software business.


jhoprofileReferral Rock was founded by Joshua Ho in 2014. Joshua is a serial entrepreneur who has had his fair share of successes and failures in business. As with most founders, Joshua is in charge of everything but came up in the business world through his technical skillset and business savvy.


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