Ready for the Loyalty Revolution?

Tango Card and BigDoor announce a partnership. Tango Card rewards is now integrated into BigDoor’s loyalty platform. BigDoor’s fully white-labeled loyalty program helps brands establish ongoing, valuable relationships with their users. The partnership with Tango Card enables BigDoor publishers to easily implement digital gift cards as customer rewards.

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The loyalty industry is undergoing a massive revolution. The days of transactional loyalty are coming to an end. Brands and companies need new modern and social ways to engage their customers and employees. It’s a two way street.

BigDoor is at the forefront of the new modern loyalty movement. This is done in a modern, elegant way and also allows brands to take customers from brand discovery to brand advocacy.

At Tango Card, we know that rewards are a critical piece of any loyalty program. Modern loyalty programs need a truly modern reward partner. We have built our platform from the beginning to match the advancements in engagement. We offer digital, mobile, and the best named brands and relevant denominations.  Plus, we have no overhead, no program fees and no transaction fees.

We are proud to be a key player in the new modern loyalty movement.

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