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E-Gift Cards: Not Just for Millennials

  There has been quite a stir this week as the Washington Post proclaimed Millennials Prefer E-Gift Cards. Why? Three reasons: 1) More 18-29 year olds have used electronic gift cards than people in older age groups 2) If lost, e-gift cards can be retrieved from either an email inbox or a mobile wallet 3) They […]

Macy's E-Gift Card

Q4 Brand Update – Featuring Macy’s E-Gift Card

We are constantly adding exciting new brands to our reward catalog. This is one of many ways that we focus on providing Rewards as a Service that can drive results for our partners. Contact us to inquire about adding new rewards to your program. Macy’s E-Gift Card The Macy’s E-Gift Card is the gift that everyone loves […]

UX Designer

Tango Card is the first company to provide Rewards-as-a-Service, RaaS® to enterprise customers. Just as Salesforce moved CRM to the cloud, Tango Card is moving loyalty and rewards to the cloud – a $50 Billion dollar industry in the US alone. We’re a 35 person team based in West Seattle. We have filed 3 patents, […]

10 Creative Ideas for Motivating Employees

Organizations with motivated employees succeed. Competition and diverse workforce composition requires building a culture that makes workers feel included and meaningful to the organization. Motivating employees is easy with a little creativity. We’ve compiled a starter list of 10 ways to reward and recognize employees. Make someone’s day and spread joy with modern rewards and recognition. […]