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Why Our Customers Love Using E-Gift Cards (Part 1)

Everyone loves gift cards, especially people involved in reward and incentive programs – this would include businesses that buy e-gift cards from us and consumers (everyone in the world) who enjoy receiving them. If you need convincing, here are two stats and some celeb endorsements: Gift Cards are the most requested gift for 9 years running (NRF, […]

Are Gift Cards a Commodity?

(And what that might mean for your incentive program) Gift cards are being commoditized. And to be clear, I mean this definition of commodity: “a good or service whose wide availability typically leads to smaller profit margins and diminishes the importance of factors (as brand name) other than price” ( That can definitely apply to […]

What is a “Healthy Reward” for Wellness Programs?

Wellness coaches and HR teams understand that rewards drive participation rates in wellness programs. The problem is, they’re looking at all reward options in the same way, focusing on what they perceive as inexpensive “healthy” rewards and overlooking effective rewards. What is a healthy reward? Healthy rewards are incentives that promote healthy lifestyles among participants. […]

5 Ways Marketers Are Using Digital Incentives

“If you ain’t first you’re last!” – A Very Successful CMO It’s true – people are either buying your product (blue ribbon!) or they are not (bankruptcy ribbon). In the interest of being first, marketers employ incentives to engage, mollify, sell and up-sell customers. We are seeing digital incentives, in particular e-gift cards, delivered in more […]

Finance Departments Need Not Fear Gift Cards

“We banned gift cards!” – A teary-eyed, fearful CFO. We actually heard this from a CFO (normal-eyed, brazen) at the Concur Fusion 2016 conference. The problem is that in the past it has been impossible to track gift card spend across an organization – which to “detail-oriented people” is a financial nightmare. We recently gave a presentation in […]