Using Rewards to Increase Research Participation

URI is a market research company that uses a variety of research methods to build an understanding of how consumers use products. They rely on engagement from research participants in order to make these methods work. Mary Chartier, Operations Director at URI, was cutting costly paper checks and handing out physical rewards in order to […]

Reward Update – April 2017

Discover the new e-gift cards added to our full catalog in April, 2017. Featured Reward: Cake Beauty Cake Beauty is Canada’s most iconic independent beauty brand, delivering naturally luxe confections in haircare, skincare, bath and body by Cake and Delectable since 2003. It is available in USD and CAD.   All New Rewards: Best Buy® Canada: Best […]

3 Types of Employees You Have at Your Company

The U.S. workforce is more than 100 million full-time employees and one-third of those employees are what a recent Gallup study calls “engaged at work”. That means that the remaining two-thirds of employees are actively disengaged or worse, not engaged at all. Engaged – 33% of employees Employees that are engaged in the workplace enjoy […]