UX Designer

Tango Card is the first company to provide Rewards-as-a-Service, RaaS® to enterprise customers. Just as Salesforce moved CRM to the cloud, Tango Card is moving loyalty and rewards to the cloud – a $50 Billion dollar industry in the US alone. We’re a 35 person team based in West Seattle. We have filed 3 patents, […]

10 Creative Ideas for Motivating Employees

Organizations with motivated employees succeed. Competition and diverse workforce composition requires building a culture that makes workers feel included and meaningful to the organization. Motivating employees is easy with a little creativity. We’ve compiled a starter list of 10 ways to reward and recognize employees. Make someone’s day and spread joy with modern rewards and recognition. […]

How Effective are Gift Cards?

Choosing the right rewards in your incentive program can raise many questions. Which ones fits my program or target audience? There are numerous options such as discounts, coupons, cash, checks, merchandise, and gift cards. Businesses choose rewards and incentives that fit the needs of their program. For example, in marketing programs, small-denomination rewards that motivate […]